Welcome to Philip's Photo Gallery.

Cameras: Minolta Dimage 7Hi (2003), Sony DSC-W1 (2004), Sony DSC-H5 (2006), Canon T2i (2010) and Olympus Pen E-PM1 & E-M5 (2012).

My slow return to photography after a very long layoff: I gave up photography in the film and darkroom age and returned to it in the digital and Lightroom age. I have to say I much prefer the digital age but I return without the passion that I had before. Hopefully, the passion can still be rekindled.

Sept 2009
Ok, the old passion is not being rekindled. I still enjoy taking pictures but not to the degree I had before. Maybe a new digital SLR would do it. Hmmm...Canon 5D MkII? Sony a850?

Can't justify the cost of a Canon 5D MkII so I bought myself the Canon T2i. It's an amazing little camera.

Feeling a lot more comfortable with my Canon T2i and taking even more photos than before. They may not be National Geographic quality photos but I'm enjoying photography again and that's what counts.

I've always loved small cameras and wanted a micro four thirds camera so I bought myself the Olympus Pen E-PM1. It's an entry level camera but I love it! I think I'm starting to like it more than my Canon T2i.
I like the E-PM1 but when the E-M5 came out I knew I just had to have it! I think I enjoy owning camera equipment more that the actual photography itself. lol